Tips to prevent your hair from damage during Holi

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Hair salons claim that they have maximum customers after Holi as women rush in to repair their damaged locks. Evaluating the harm done to your hair and skin during Holi, experts opine that you must take much more care of your hair than your skin, as the skin’s recuperating capacities are more.Hair exposed to chemical colours can become dull, dry and brittle. Plus the over exposure to chemicals that strip your hair of its protective coating through inevitable repeated use of shampoos and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a hair disaster. We got you some useful tips for hair care before and after Holi.

To survive the chemical colours, your hair needs that extra nourishment and protection. The simplest and most efficient method would be to massage your hair with a hair oil of your choice an hour or so before getting out for your Holi celebrations. The oil can form a protective coat on the external covering (cuticle) of your hair. This protects it from chemicals, dust and dirt. This also causes the colour to come off the hair quickly after you have finished playing.
You can also use a mixture of jojoba and rosemary oil as it makes the right base oil for your hair. It prevents the harmful colours from settling down. The oil takes care of any dryness caused by the weather. It’s also the best way to provide your hair (and skin) the extra nourishment it needs to survive the day. For better results, soak a towel in hot water and wrap it around your oiled hair. Leaving it like this for even half an hour will be enough to ensure penetration. While going out to play Holi, cover your hair with a bandana or a cap as this will save your scalp.


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